About Raw Cakes

About RAW Cakes

Back in January 2016, RAW Cakes was an inspirational dream driven by the pure need of healthy and allergy friendly alternatives to what Whangarei had to offer. Knowing that we could provide a treat, a sanctuary for ANYBODY regardless of allergies or lifestyle choices, creating a product that is transparent and leaves no one out.

We had a location, recipes, a vision and a tonne of cashew nuts and coconut oil!


April the 9th, opening day .. so exciting, nerve wrecking, and humbling. The doors were open, people were ACTUALLY coming in and buying our goods, our hard work .. people actually came and ate what we had lovingly created. The feedback was mind blowing, our hearts were touched and our souls were nourished.


One little customer stood out amongst the rest, she is a 4 year old girl who has allergies to gluten, dairy, and soy. She stood there looking into the display cabinet, no fear or excitement.. no emotion at all. She was waiting for her mum to tell her what she couldn’t eat and advise her on what she could eat.


Her face was emotionless because she didn’t want to get excited, she didn’t want to get her hopes up and start mentally choosing what she wanted. Mum gently bent down next to her, pointed to the cabinet and said “Baby you can have anything you want”.

That, THAT is the pure reason RAW was born, so everyone can have anything.

That gorgeous little girl felt normal like everyone else, she could choose anything, not fear the consequences. Her mum relished in watching that smile, that excitement emerge on her little girls face. We treasure that moment as the pinnacle of our WHY.


I initially started this business from a dozen hand scribbled recipes, with the dream of creating a family business with my mum. We are both registered nurses who wanted to own a business and enjoy life without shift work. Mum has been a children's nurse for 25+ years, I have worked all over Australia as an emergency nurse. I regard life as being short, family is important and I don't want to miss out on my kids growing up.


In March 2017, we decided to close the door to our retail shop and build a commercial kitchen where we can meet the demand of New Zealand, and help spread the love for our RAW cakes.